We feel that it can only benefit us to know how patients feel about their experience at our office.  Therefore, we invite all of our patients to provide us with feedback.  If you have comments about your encounter at our office, please let us know.  Below are just a few that we have received.


I had my 4 wisdom teeth extracted and I was very pelased with my experience at Dr. Pausa's office. The Dr. and staff were very pleasant, which you don't find often in Dr's offices. During my consultation Dr. Pausa thoroughly explained the procedure, risks and recovery. I appreciated that he was so upfront with me. Afterwards, I called a few times and the nurses were readily available to answer my questions. I drove from Midtown to Alpharetta based on his stellar reputation and I am certainly glad I did!
Melissa S.

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our experience at your office. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. Our daughter's recovery was amazing - it was as if she had not had any surgery!! Then, last week I received a check for overpayment. I have never received a check from any medical practice without requesting it first! I really do appreciate your attention to such matters.
Judith M.

I just wanted to extend a big thank you to you for taking care of my wisdom tooth yesterday. It was so last minute and on just a few hours notice.

I just moved to Atlanta a few months ago from Houston. The only dentist I have ever trusted is my Aunt because when I am in her office, I feel so at home. I can honestly say that when I was in your office yesterday, I felt like I was family and at home.

From beginning to end, you and your staff were prompt, professional, courteous and very friendly. I had been miserable for 4 days while I had guests in my home but today I feel MUCH better! I was so scared to get more than one tooth extracted because it was my first time but, I will without a doubt be scheduling a return visit to your office for the rest of my wisdom teeth!

Shazia S.

I would like to thank you all for being so nice and making me feel as comfortable as I was at your office. Many years ago, I had a horrible dental experience and have been scared for years to go back. You all were so pleasant and made me feel comfortable and I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate it.

Penny K.

I want to thank you and you staff again for the excellent treatment both personal and professional. I commend you all for the courteous and friendly manner you extend to patients. I would not hesitate to recommend your practice to family and friends.

Mary N.

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful care that you provided my daughter, who you operated on in the emergency room. It is due to your expertise and dedication that at this time, it looks like all her teeth will be able to be saved. My heartfelt gratitude goes out to you. Thanks again!

Jim J.

I want to thank you for a very positive and peaceful experience last week. As a nurse, I am probably more critical than the average patient and I must say your office, staff and approach are the gold standard! Dr. Pausa is the best! If there had been more oral surgeons like him when I was younger, I would not need versed. Thanks again!

Barbara T.

My orthodontist suggested that I have jaw surgery and I was very skeptical. But, when I had my first consultation with Dr. pausa and his staff, I felt very welcomed, which made the whole experience less stressful. The walk through of the procedure and how it would influence my overall health in the long run helped me to make the decision to move froward. I am so glad I did it!! The differences in my jaw after the surgery are staggering. My smile improved tenfold! For all the people reading this, I highly recommend Dr. Pausa and his staff - they do wonders and make the whole experience worthwhile!

Hussene Y.

Thank you so much for working with me. I appreciate your time and effort.
Carolyn L.

Thank you so much for the compassion you showed my family during Josh's "crisis." You and your staff were amazing and it made all the difference in the world.
Monya G.

In my experience with Dr. Pausa and his staff, I received and observed nothing but true kindness and professionalism. Implants may be a difficult time in life but, there is not a better group of people to help you through the process.
James V.

Thank you for taking such good care of my mother with her tooth extraction. It was so kind of you to see her on such short notice. She had a good experience with you and your staff. Thanks again for everything, you all are great!
Terry B.